AKUSCLEAN® – silencer for
kitchen exhaust air

With fully smooth and liquid-tight surface for commercial and industrial kitchens



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Product description

Material: galvanized sheet steel

Design: splitter type C
housing made of galvanized sheet steel with lightweight profile frame. The splitter consists of two different sections. The first section is designed as a plate resonator and tuned to low frequencies. The second section has a surface of thin aluminium foil reinforced with glass fibre and acts as a foil resonator (patent DE 10122617), which is effective in the remaining frequency range. The combination of the plate/foil surface and the volume of air enclosed between the metal surfaces filled with mineral wool produces a damping effect over a wide bandwidth, which is very well adapted to the range of a fan.

The fabric reinforcement stabilises the foil and protects it from mechanical stress.

Product Information

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