As consultants: holistically.
And as partners: long-term.

Our experience is in demand

Technical building services designers and plant builders, both in Germany and abroad, have for years put their trust in the expansive product and industry knowledge of BerlinerLuft. in the area of modern ventilation and air conditioning technology. This is because, whether in terms of air conditioning buildings or when using air in industrial processes, we can satisfy complex ventilation and air conditioning design requirements with our flexible system and customised solutions. We place great emphasis on quiet, energy-efficient solutions which use resources in a sustainable way.

Our main focus rests on the well-being of people and the protection of the environment.

Taking this as our standard and with our great experience in ventilation and air conditioning technology, we support design managers in their field of technical building services with expertise and flexible, individual solutions. In addition to powerful delivery logistics and certified quality management, we can offer this crucial factor: security in terms of planning and valuable time savings.