Always evolving.

Since its foundation over 90 years ago, BerlinerLuft. has undergone many exciting developments in its company history. Over the years, a product-oriented manufacturer has developed into an system specialist operating at an international level.


Gottlieb Büchner establishes a company for ventilation systems in Berlin-Lichtenberg. As well as building fans and ventilation systems for foundries they also manufacture cooling systems for diesel multiple units. The company has 450 employees.


The former Büchner company becomes VEB Lufttechnische Anlagen Berlin. With 2,000 employees and a operating area of 80,000 m2, the company has the largest factory in the ventilation and air conditioning industry in the GDR. In addition to manufacturing ventilation components, industrial fans are also mass-produced there.


After the fall of the Berlin Wall, VEB Lufttechnische Anlagen Berlin is restructured into Berliner Lufttechnische Anlagen und Geräte GmbH.


The company is privatised when it is bought out by Treuhand and split into fans and components and plant construction.


BerlinerLuft. Technische Geräte GmbH is taken over completely by shareholder and managing director Michael Nagl.

The Polish subsidiary, BerlinerLuft. Spolka z o.o., is founded in Koszalin.


Foundation of BerlinerLuft. Technik GmbH, RegionalCenter Sud, formerly LGM Lufttechnische Geräte Mühldorf GmbH in Bavaria, near Munich


Founding of the BerlinerLuft. RegionalCenter Nord we know today from the takeover of Blechwarenfabrik Uelzen. Rixner Klimageräte GmbH in Warngau (Bavaria) is added as a subsidiary and makes BerlinerLuft. into a system provider of ventilation and air conditioning technology.


Foundation of BerlinerLuft. Spolka z o.o., Betriebsstätte Süd in Niemodlin, Poland


Other companies are taken over by BerlinerLuft.: today’s RegionalCenter Mitte in Ottendorf-Okrilla, formerly LTA Lufttechnische Anlagenkomponenten GmbH, and the Schwunck&Buss GmbH company, today: RegionalCenter West in Cologne and BerlinerLuft. Technik GmbH, Austria.


Foundation of the overseas subsidiary BerlinerLuft. do Brazil, Porto Allegre


Founding of BerlinerLuft. CompetenceCenter Klimatechnik GmbH with the takeover of the air conditioning division of Dillinger Stahlbau GmbH (DSD), Saarland


Founding of BerlinerLuft. Mexico, Puebla


Acquisition and expansion of the Bialogard production facility in Poland.


Founding of BerlinerLuft. Tehnika d.o.o., Zagreb


Merger of all operating companies in Germany
into BerlinerLuft. Technik GmbH.

BerlinerLuft. do Brazil: Move to new production facilities in Alvorada/Porto Alegre with a total operating area of 16,000 m².

Latest update: Hacking attack defeated - all sites are working! 

We are pleased to announce that full operations have been successfully restored after the recent hacking attack! All of our plants can now be contacted by phone and email again, and production is running at full steam!

In addition, our ERP system is once again fully available at all plants, allowing us to take orders and efficiently execute our daily processes.

To compensate for any production disruption caused by the incident, we have implemented additional solutions to further ensure that we can meet our commitments to our customers.

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