Round ducting
pressed, folded

Round ducts and fittings

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Technical features

The round ducts and fittings comply with DIN EN 12237 and DIN EN 1506. The slip joint system with sealing lips is suitable for achieving tightness class D. This means that the hygiene requirements of VDI 6022 can be met in full. The limiting value of static pressure is from +2,000 Pa. to -750 Pa.

Sheet thicknesses: Depending on whether the components are pressed or folded, sheet thicknesses between 0.5  and 1.25 mm are available.

Connection systems: plug-in connection (standard)

Range (extract):

  • galvanized or stainless steel tubes
  • Round ducts longitudinally folded, seam-welded ducts, galvanized or stainless steel
  • Galvanised or stainless steel fittings with and without lip seals
  • Flexible round ducts made of aluminium, stainless steel, steel and plastic
  • Flexible aluminium silencers
  • Round fresh air and exhaust air technology
  • Thermally insulated round ducts and fittings with 25/50 mm insulation
Product Information

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