Horizontal rainwater

As well as horizontal weather protection grilles for installation in flat roofs

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Product description

For discharging exhaust air as a duct or shaft termination for horizontal installation in flat roofs.

Material: galvanised sheet steel, stainless sheet steel (surface III C), aluminium

Design details:
The horizontal rainwater separator essentially consists of a rectangular housing with internal louvres and channels for water drainage. The base is fitted with a connection frame for secure fastening to the ducting or to the roof collar/boot.

In the case of push-through installation, the flange connections must be protected by a circumferential rain collar and sealed with a suitable sealant/gasket. Eye bolts are optionally available for crane assembly.

As an exhaust air cowl, the DHE-HRA supplements the portfolio of fresh and exhaust air technology between pitched roof weather protection grilles and jet caps. The air is discharged vertically upwards. The construction is suitable as a ducting or shaft closure for horizontal installation in flat roofs.

In order to ensure the stability of the louvres, they are manufactured with a width of up to 1,000 mm.

Product Information

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