DataCond® ETOS

For the air conditioning of server and telecommunications rooms

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Product description

The mode of operation of DataCond®ETOS is based on the principle of indirect evaporative cooling. In this way high energy efficiency can be achieved with low energy input. The ETOS unit on the white space side needs only evaporative cooling to come within 1.5 K of the wet-bulb temperature of the fresh air. This makes it possible to do throughout the year without an additional mechanical compression refrigeration system.

Application: large data centres and server rooms

- Combined air conditioning unit with indirect evaporative cooling and direct free-cooling option
- EC fans designed as fan wall
- Additional chilled water cooler or direct evaporator for peak load or redundancy

Cooling capacity:     55 KW  to 250 KW
Air volume:    10,000 m³/h to 50,000 m³/h

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Product Information

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