Air Purifier

Safe, mobile and quiet.


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Product description:

The BerlinerLuft.Pure operates in hybrid mode: It draws in aerosol-laden air from the room, filters it twice and sterilises it with UV-C radiation. Afterwards the air is conditioned and returned to the room almost entirely free of harmful pollutants.

With the help of a smart combination of mechanical filters and UV disinfection, the room is freed from particulate matter and pollutants. Viruses and bacteria are not only filtered but also rendered harmless by a special UV-C sterilisation system. 

Compact, on wheels, and handily connected via plug and play, the unit can be set up in any room. Depending on the setting, the air is exchanged between two and seven times per hour. And all of this without any annoying noise. The BerlinerLuft.Pure is acoustically optimised and guarantees very quiet operation at less than 39 dB (A).


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Product Information

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