Taunus Turm Smart heat recovery system

Energy-efficient office air conditioning

TaunusTurm is a two-part building complex in the city centre of Frankfurt. The 40-storey office tower includes a 63 m high residential section. The model low-energy project is certified according to international LEED standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) with the highest level of sustainable construction and operation. 

“Intelligent air conditioning technology is one characteristic of ecological construction.”

For the air conditioning, BerlinerLuft. provided 17 central air conditioning units that ventilate several floors of office space with a total flow rate of 500,000 m³/h. The highly efficient EcoCond system is used for heat recovery.

Under the leadership of real estate professionals Tishman Speyer Properties GmbH, TechDesign GmbH was responsible for the design of the central heating and cooling supply of the building.


  • Seventeen central air conditioning units
  • Highly efficient EcoCond heat recovery system as a circuit system
    with integrated heat refeeding


  • Flow rates between 950-85,000 m3 /h