BerlinerLuft. Fans
celebrates its 35th year

Despite falling on Friday the 13th, last week the Fans CompetenceCenter celebrated its 35th company anniversary in style. Staff, numerous customers and business partners met at the founding location in Berlin over good food, tasty drinks and a friendly atmosphere.

To the delight of the audience, the show band Avion provided a musical time travel through BerlinerLuft.’s history. The committed team of Fans CompetenceCenter paid tribute to the company’s history in a very entertaining way with anecdotes and show interludes.

For some employees, the special history of BerlinerLuft. Fans CompetenceCenter began in the 1980s during the GDR era, when a cabinet decision relocated the fan
production of the Volkseigener Betrieb (Publicly Owned Enterprise)  from Gotha to Berlin. And so, during the times of the GDR, a modern production plant for industrial fans was built, which, at its peak, produced between 100 and 150 fans daily in large-scale production and supplied the entire Soviet market.  At that time, the company was the largest in the ventilation and air conditioning industry with 2,000 employees and a total operating area of 80,000 m².

Reunification also marked a new era for the company: While orders were still being made in 1990, exports from the eastern markets collapsed. At that  time, there was hardly any contact with Western European customers. Like all former state-owned enterprises of the GDR, BerlinerLuft. also had to struggle with the leap into the market economy.

When Michael Nagl took over the company from Treuhand in 1994 and privatised a part of BerlinerLuft. He renovated the former Volkseigener Betrieb, and with it also secured a future outside the east of the German capital. Thus Nagl gradually built up a nationwide network of sales and production sites. The changes in strategy and restructuring took effect and brought economic success.

Fan production was geared towards the demand for high performance and industrial fans. Today, the Fans CompetenceCenter is one of the leading suppliers when it comes to expertise and individual fan solutions. Currently, around 70,000 different designs and impeller variants are available. This wide range of variants will be further optimised and managed in the future by digitalising the design and production process. The aim is to provide a custom-made production process that is intelligent and fully automated, operating at the highest efficiency. The new technology also offers customers advantages when ordering:  Via an online platform, the customers can configure their desired fan.

The product portfolio of the Fans CompetenceCenter  includes  powerful centrifugal and high-performance fans for low to high pressure, which are primarily used for industrial processes such as drying, transport of materials and extraction of combustion air. Customers include various industrial sectors , such as the chemical industry, the power plant and mineral oil industry, as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries.