Really strong! Women's power teams at the BerlinerLuft.

More women for a better BerlinerLuft!

We want more women at BerlinerLuft. We want to use great examples to encourage women to develop their potential - whether in production or development - in a technical profession. To this end, we have launched a series of measures, including GirlsDay. Because we are firmly convinced of one thing: women can do the job just as well as their male colleagues, they just have to believe in themselves. BerlinerLuft. has believed in them for a long time.

In Białogard, Poland, for example, a team of eleven powerful women prove every day that they can easily hold their own against their male colleagues. They drive production forward, ensure quality and also create a good atmosphere. What proved to be a real success story for the BerlinerLuft. production site started with a job advertisement to which an unexpectedly large number of women applied. In addition to numerous criteria, the main requirement was craftsmanship. The aim was to improve the appearance and quality of the seals. But it quickly became clear:

The new colleagues have much more to offer than just skill. With a lot of energy, courage and self-confidence, they repeatedly faced new challenges. It didn't take long for the helpers to become fitters.

This was by no means the end of the story. It also became apparent that they had a special talent for working with machines. Accordingly, they quickly learned how to operate the various machines in the factory.

Today, the eleven women work on an equal footing with their male colleagues on punching and bending machines, welding equipment and plasma cutters to ensure that we can offer our customers products of the highest quality. To ensure that these products are also well received by our customers, they also keep a close eye on loading. We are convinced that the team of women not only serves as a role model for the other BerlinerLuft. locations, but also shines far beyond them.