Long-term durability! Air conditioning
technology for industry & technical building services

HygCond has a modular design and is available as standard in 18 different sizes up to an air volume of 150,000 m³/h. In addition, the flexible production processes allow a multitude of individual solutions with which almost every customer requirement can be met.

BerlinerLuft. demonstrated its high degree of flexibility at the exhibition stand with the various HygCond models. The HygCond process air model PRODUCTNEWS made of stainless steel for specific-industry use is characterised by a high resistance to aggressive mediums and wear. ATEX compliant, it is also suitable for installation in explosion-proof areas.

With the hygienic design of Hyg-Cond, BerlinerLuft. presents another variant of the series, designed for use in laboratories and other demanding areas with highly sensitive processes. For absolute process reliability, the unit's panels and profiles are completely coated. Attachments and accessories, such as fans or heat exchangers are either manufactured in a special hygienic design or coated with epoxy resin, for example.

HygCond central air conditioning units are characterised by a housing design that is completely smooth on the inside, therefore making it easy to clean. The thermal properties of the housing already comply with class T2/TB2 (M) as standard. The extraordinarily stable construction easily achieves stability class D1 (M) and is available in a wide variety of material combinations for indoor and outdoor installation, depending on requirements.

The foamed seal on the panels and doors meets the highest hygienic requirements with minimum leakage class L1 (M) according to DIN EN 1886.
BerlinerLuft. components built into the units, such as fans, multi-leaf dampers, exhaust cowls and splitter silencers are robust and require little maintenance. Finished with an integrated refrigeration system and instrumentation and control engineering, BerlinerLuft. products represent functionality “from product to system”.