Square edged and sloping
Functional roof design

Designed as an exhaust air cowl, the DHE-HRA complements the current product range of fresh and exhaust air technology. The construction is suitable as a ducting or shaft closure for horizontal installation and can be integrated unobtrusively into flat roofs without altering the silhouette of the building.

Size and design are crucial to ensure that a roof cowl fits harmoniously into the overall appearance of the building. High exhaust air volumes sometimes require very large structures to minimise energy consumption and flow noise as much as possible.

The new roof cowl model DHE-HRA has a low construction height, reduced dimensions and is lighter in weight compared to other roof solutions, thus facilitating transport and assembly.

Although the roof cowl is preferably used for exhaust air, in special cases it can also be used for fresh air, provided that certain technical parameters are observed.

Depending on the installation situation, the cowl can be connected directly to the ducting system via a flange connection to the roof boot or roof collar or an existing shaft. Precipitation is collected by internal louvres and drained laterally. Two heights of 500 and 680 mm are available for plug-in or insert assembly. According to VDI 6022 and DIN 18379, the connected ducting system must be equipped with appropriate devices for the drainage of rain, snow and condensation.

As a rule, the DHE-HRA is made of galvanised sheet steel. For exhaust air from process air technology systems, the surface can be made of stainless steel, aluminium or – in the case of particularly aggressive exhaust air – coated as required.