JKL-Kunststoff Lackierung Residue-free cleaning of exhaust air

As a supplier to the automotive industry, JKL-Kunststoff Lackierung GmbH in Ottendorf-Okrilla, Germany, operates a painting facility for coating surfaces. The performance of the fully automatised system and the adherence to all quality parameters, in particular the climatic and technical ventilation conditions, is determined on site. In 2015, BerlinerLuft. was commissioned with the construction and installation of a regenerative ventilation system for residue-free exhaust air purification.

The requirements: The ventilation components installed in the system should separate the solvents bound in the air in order to subsequently re-supply them to the production cycle. Here it was essential to abide by the guidelines on noise pollution and ensure the exhaust was the correct height. 

“As the pressure loss in the interior of the plant could be substantially reduced, the system operates in an extremely energy-efficient manner.” 


  • Two centrifugal fans
  • Welded duct system
  • Steel construction as substructure


  • Construction
  • Disassembly
  • Assembly